Since 1949, the castle, a monument of immovable cultural heritage, has been the home of Posavje Museum Brežice, which presents the heritage of the Posavje region from the earliest days until today. The Posavje Museum Brežice derives from the seeds of a museum founded in Krško under the auspices of the Museum Society for the political districts of Brežice and Krško on 30th September 1939.

Exhibitions: from the Earliest Days to Modernity

In Posavje, where mornings seem to be much closer to the sun than elsewhere, the sunrays first shine on the Renaissance portal of the southernmost castle in Styria. Standing in the castle's courtyard, visitors enter the museum through the Baroque portal to reach the first and second floors with 30 exhibitions rooms.
The museum’s archaeological exhibition ‘One Thousand Years of Posavje Hills and Plains’ gives information about the period from prehistoric times to the Roman Era. The ethnological exhibition illustrates the history of the people of Posavje – how they lived and worked, what they believed in and how they expressed themselves through art in the 19th and 20th centuries. The collection titled ‘Peasant Revolts and Heritage of the Posavje Protestants’ features the first words ever in the Slovenian language "Le vkup, le vkup, le vkup, uboga gmajna"— i.e. Unite, unite, you wretched folk. Other exhibits include the facsimile of Dalmatin's Biblija – a translation of the Bible from German into Slovenian, published in 1584.
The exhibition ‘Bürger – mestjan – meščan’ (bourgeois) is housed in a sitting room dating back to 1900 with a view of the town street, and in the intimacy of a bourgeois bedroom.
A Baroque double staircase leads from the hall to the second part of the museum, where visitors are introduced to the history of the 20th century – the exhibition ‘Under the Nine Flags: Posavje 1900–1990’.
The art-history part of the museum presents the rich secular and religious heritage of Posavje and a new gallery with the works of Alenka Gerlovič. A special room is dedicated to the memory of the painter Franjo Stiplovšek, the founder, an ardent collector and a long-time director (1949–1963) of the museum. An extensive memorial gallery in the last exhibition room is a place dedicated to his primary job as a painter, as well as the place where visitors can put down their impressions and share them with those who create the life of the castle and the museum.

The Future of the Castle and the Museum

The mighty castle is expecting further renovation and restoration of the ground floor and the castle cellar. Much like in the past, it will continue to host various events in the castle courtyard and numerous programmes that build bridges between museum workers, trustees of our rich Posavje heritage and visitors, indispensable co-creators of the present and the future. The name Posavje Museum Brežice consists of the names of two important places, namely the town of Brežice, which is the museum’s home, and Posavje, the region the museum represents and has a close connection to.

You are kindly invited to co-create our future. We look forward to your visit.
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